An old one for Mathematica: Mike Foale was using it on the Mir space station; there was an accident; the computer it was on got sucked into space; Mike had a backup disk, but needed a password for a different computer; all-time favorite call to customer service … and finally an in-action solving of equations of motion for a spinning space station.

– Stephen Wolfram in his Reddit AmA, responding to “What is the most interesting use of Mathematica and/or Wolfram Alpha you’ve ever seen?”

Hip-hop is about being hip. And at a certain age, you’re not as hip to a certain crowd, and you lose hipness. And I think it’s a thing that people don’t talk about enough, but it’s a real thing. I have to ask my son sometimes, like, what’s cool?

– Andre 3000. We’re all doomed. (FADER)

Neatorama brings us this shot of an 80-foot-tall Superman balloon from the 1940 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I’m impressed that a character introduced just two years prior was already worthy of balloonage.

Mankiewicz didn’t work on every kind of picture, though. He didn’t do Westerns, and once, when a studio attempted to punish him for his customary misbehavior by assigning him to a Rin Tin Tin picture, he turned in a script that began with the craven Rin Tin Tin frightened by a mouse and reached its climax with a house on fire and the dog taking a baby into the flames.

It’s not just that Citi Field looks backward; it looks backward through a fractured lens, as if it had been conjured by a freshman at RISD armed with some stadium-design software, a book of old-ballpark postcards, and 48 hours’ worth of meth.

Peter Richmond in Grantland 

(Hey Grantland, this piece needs way more photos.)

Which leaves us, well, here. But here isn’t a very good place to be. We live in a moment where the only problems Congress seems able to solve are the problems it creates for us. The problems we actually have, meanwhile, go unsolved, and the people they afflict go on suffering.