Dear Louis:

For a long time the main thing that’s bothered me is procrastination. Like right now. I’m procrastinating instead of doing my job.

In the old days humans hunted and were hunted by mastodons and wolverines and such, but now we sit in front of computers. We got no excitement. So I procrastinate. Piss people off. Barrel through deadlines. Living la vida loca. Am I wrongheaded about all this?

Bret Thurber
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Bret:

You sound like a real card. You sound like you really got a clever mind and you’re always spinning your wheels about some-whatsit crazy business. Mastodons??? What a nut. “That Bret,” your friends must say, “he is quite a kook. I hope his wife has a baby into his mouth and it gets lodged in his throat and he chokes on his own stupid baby.”


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